Covering What Matters.

Our mission is to empower insurance buyers with the best information, service, and coverage that suits their specific needs and concerns. We aim to make the process of buying insurance less about something you “have to do” and more about an experience of feeling safe, supported, and seen.

KOVR Core Values


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KOVR Core Values

KNOW – Knowledge is power. We embrace a culture of learning where we are always exploring ways we can be more efficient and thoughtful through our processes, technology, and relationships with each other, our vendors, partners, and customers.

KINDLE – Be excited: keep a light on for ideas and each other. We equally foster ideas and people that come together in careful action that are mutually beneficial to the goals we set as a company and the lives we want to lead as individuals.

KEEP – Keep communicating. Operate with transparency by communicating internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty, and respect. Be curious without judgment. Ask questions. Listen. If pleasing solutions are not available during a hard conversation, never leave someone hanging, let them know when you can get back to them. Always maintain integrity with your word.

KILL – Bad days and mistakes happen. Overcome and learn from them. Identify issues that are likely to grow into harmful habits & patterns and stop them before they have a chance to grow. In short, kill excuses, grow solutions.

KICK IT UP – We aim for exceptional experiences. We believe when we go the extra mile for each other, our partners, and our customers, it creates contagious energy that ensures continuous financial and wellness rewards.